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Trauma and disability

9th Annual Emergency Pedagogy Conference, 05 to 07 June 2020

Everybody lives through experiences of loads and threats of the most different kinds and they are unavoidable. People process these stressful events in very different ways, and the subjective feelings of the person affected are decisive. However, people with disabilities experience these events more often than other people who are involved in borderline or cross-border activities. In addition, they are often unable to actively influence them and, due to possible cognitive impairments, are often less able to grasp and assess them.
As a result, they are exposed to a higher risk of making stressful experiences and being traumatised by them. We want to approach this topic at the next annual conference, especially from an (emergency) pedagogical point of view.

Please note that this year's conference will be held in German. There will be no translation.


Emergency pedagogy

8th Annual Emergency Pedagogy Conference, 20 to 23 June 2019

From June 20-23, 2019, the eighth annual emergency pedagogical conference took place in the premises of the Parzival Centre in Karlsruhe. Under the title "Emergency pedagogy - How pedagogy can help injured souls of children", we focused on the basis of emergency pedagogy at our next annual conference. In addition to lectures, workshops where offered in which practical experience could be gained. Furthermore, the conference offered the possibility to go into the exchange with other participants.