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WOW-Day: Here's where your help goes! Argentina, CultivArte: Another year accomplished

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Faced with the terrible situation of the many unattended children in San Fernando, a suburb of Buenos Aires in Argentina, several former students of the Escuela Arcangel Micael decided to do something about it nearly 15 years ago. The outcome of this decision is a place where children can come and play. They can also catch up on subject material they did not entirely understand at school. Over the years, more than forty former Waldorf students have been volunteering for CultivArte. Soledad Garff explains that it's not always easy:

“Sadly, half of all children in Argentina are poor and there are few opportunities to get a good education. We at Cultivarte believe that every human being has the potential to change the world and we use Waldorf Education to find this potential in every human being. We protect childhood by promoting free play and the development of artistic skills, telling stories, offering healthy food and experiencing nature. Every day after school, children come here to learn in a different way, in a way full of love, care, and hope. This year, due to the economic crisis, we were on the verge of losing the center where we hold our workshops, but thanks to the courageous and unwavering Waldorf students on the other side of the ocean, we have succeeded in preserving the center. We are deeply grateful for that!”