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What you Should Consider When Sending Gifts

Many sponsors have the desire to send “their” sponsored child a small gift for their birthday or Christmas. Obviously that is something the children enjoy very much. Here is some useful advice:

Our advice is:

  • Less is more For us they are just little things, but for your sponsored child they can mean the world: crayons, a handwritten letter from you, a photo of your family or town in which you live, etc. Usually the “little” things bring much more joy than lavish, expensive and perhaps inappropriate gifts that could make other children jealous and turn your sponsored child into an outsider.
  • You can also consider sending a gift that can be shared by all children in the class such as crayons, an English reader, stationary, 100% wool, a recorder or a boardgame to name just a few. This has the advantage that no jealousy will appear between the children.
  • Please make sure that your gift does not exceed the postal format for maxi letters. Sending parcels and large packages is not recommended due to the possibility of high customs fees incurred in the receiving country. Before sending the gift on its way, it is advisable to inform the school about it.
  • If you do not wish to send any gifts, but you still would like to give something to the children that will make them happy, then you are always welcome to make an additional donation to the school. Therefore please contact us (Fabian Michel / f.michel@freunde-waldorf.de) or give him a call under (030) 61 70 26 30, so he can pass on important information to you what to consider by transferring the donation, so you can be sure it is going to the right school and for the right purpose.

Please do not:

  • Although it might be well intentioned... Cash and cheques do not belong in the international mail. Currency regulations or missing exchange opportunities and the risk that money gets into the wrong hands are all reasons why money and cheques are inappropriate gifts.
  • For hygienic reasons do not include sweets, chocolate or other food items in the envelope.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me: Contact:
Fabian Michel
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